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 Update your content, message or poster in real time using Looper.

Looper is a small background tool to generate a personal RSS feed.


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What is Looper?

  • Looper is a small digital tool that allows out users to generate a personal RSS feed. The output of this feed can be placed on any RSS reader. When connected to Digital signage systems, this feed can be used to post live updates. News, information, what’s on, etc. to your local audience. RSS reader templates can be used also to take in RSS feeds, and generate digital posters handling Images, header and test information. We currently allow 6 feeds to be generated by a user, and these simply loop. Content and messaging changing is instant.

  • RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

    What is RSS
  • RSS solves a problem for people who regularly want to update digital signage content in real time. Any RSS reader can be used to read the messages from website readers through to mobile apps etc. A personal RSS feed when coupled to a digital signage RSS template is a powerful little tool.  

    Why RSS?
  • Set up initally for "Digtal Out Of Home"  messaging systems,  Most digital poster or digital signage systems would have an RSS reader included. These normally move text across the bottom of a screen with the latest news or headlines.  All you do is add in the feed you want to see. With looper, its the same thing. Add in your feed to your display and change the message to suit your needs.

    Looper has been built with a larger purpose in mind. By generating RSS reader templates we can develop background templates that act like full digital posters. Items would include - your news feed, local informtion, whats on, update on local sports, your daily special, welcome messages etc. all in real time. 

    For what
  • Register an account via the Login area.

    Details required:

    User Name / Feed Name: (Remember this)

    The name you want the feed to be.

    Password: (Remember This)

    A password you will be asked for when you log in to post content, edit content or remove content.

    Your Details:

    Who are you etc.?

    That’s it!

    How to start.
  • Login

    Generating content requires no instructions. It's no more difficult than posting something up on any social media app.

    You can include images also if required, but the RSS reader will need to be set-up to display them.

    When you login, you will see a RSS feed name at the top of your content screen. This is your personal feed address for any reader you wish to use it in.

    Generating a message.
  • Looper is a tool developed for your use. We are not responsible for your content you publish, where this is displayed or who managed it. Before publishing any content, you will be asked to agree with Loopers T&C's. Please read throughout.
    Terms & Conditions
  • If there is any reason that a post / message needs to be removed, these can just be deleted from the login area by the Looper account holder. For any other reason, you can send a mail to with the details of the message.

    Report Posts
  • That’s it. Enjoy Looping!!!

    Robbie Looper